About Salty Yarns

We opened our doors over 30 years ago and today we are the largest Needlework Store on the Delmarva Peninsula. With our extensive selection of supplies and models, we are a stitcher's paradise. We out grew our first store and moved next door to our original location 4 years ago and we're still growing. We just can't seem to stop growing.

We are located right on the boardwalk, in the Lankford Hotel at 8th Street, and have a bird's eye view of the Atlantic Ocean and the boardwalk. While the stitchers are inside shopping, their family can lounge in the white rocking chairs on the front porch munching the famous "Thrasher's French Fries" located in the same building, or browse the new bookstore, "Down Under" located under the Lankford Hotel.

We carry an extensive selection of Linens, all counts from 7 ct. to 40 ct., Aida in 11 ct. to 18 ct, Hardanger, Betsy Ross, etc., etc., etc. We carry many of the specialty fibers, including Weeks Dye Works, Gentle Arts, Caron Collection, DMC, as well as many of the Rainbow Gallery Fibers, Thread Gatherer Fibers, Needlepaints, Aver au Soie and Needlepoint, Inc. silk threads and Kreinik Metallics. Looking for fini-shing items, we carry Old Colonial Tuck- A- Ways, mirrors, clocks, pillows, and ban-ners.

We also have the Sudberry mirrors, frames and boxes. East Side Mouldings and Wood 'N Needle frames are here and can be seen on most of our new models. We carry buttons, beads, and charms. Can't see your charts, we carry magnifiers and lamps. We have something for everyone, the novice or the seasoned stitcher.

Who we are?


This is Renee giving you her best smile while standing behind the counter. Renee has been a life long friend, we go back to elementary school, and has been helping out in the store since the beginning...and...she is our in-house designer. All the Greeneframe pieces are hers. They are the most popular designs we sell and stitchers love to bring back pictures to show us all the ways they have used her designs (made into quilts, pillow, stand ups, etc.). Renee is also our Betsy Ross gal and loves to take designs for linen and turn them into large masterpieces using 10 ct. fabrics. She is a master of fibers when it comes to picking those out as well. She loves the Victorian pieces and many of Maureen Appleton's kits.


Pat is our newest arrival and started working Sea Trader but helps out in Salty Yarns. This is actually a very rare picture of Pat...usually she works without ever sitting down once during her shift. Pat is our go to for repairs....she can absolutely fix anything that's broken, or in need of repair in some way. I don't know how we got along without her all these years. She fits right in perfectly and we love having her with us. Pat is somewhat a "jack of all trades". She's done punch needle as well as counted cross stitch and she also knits.


Here's my Sara busy getting inventory in the computer. She's my right hand gal and I couldn't do anything without her. She's also in charge of the events here at Salty Yarns, so if you have questions...she's your "go-to" person. Sara also loves over-one, but stitches a variety of things between running Michael to all his activities. Sara really enjoys working with the different fibers as well, but is currently busy working on the Lauren Sauer June Class piece.

Join us

Those of us that work at Salty Yarns love our shop, our customers (regulars and visitors) and we love the fun projects we stitch as well as those our customers stitch and bring in to show. And more importantly, we know needlework and we love to share all we know as well as all we think we know.

We have a monthly group that meets, the Stitch 'n Bitch Club and would love to have you join us.