Crocheted Mobius Cowl

Crocheted Mobius Cowl

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"Easy crochet in shimmering silk!"

The Crochet Moebius Loop is one of our patterns that we reach for time and again. Just the right kind of mindless project for summerrhythmic, soothing, and no need to pay close attention.

So it's no wonder that we thought of this pattern when the shimmering balls of Habu Root Sizing Silk arrived. The colorful silk is crisp and easy to manage. The stitches stay open while you're working, and then the whole thing collapses into a glistening, glorious, soft silky loop when you wash it. As a bonus, we were able to reduce the initial number of chains for this yarn, so it goes even more quickly than the original Kidsilk version (the free adaptation for Habu Root Sizing Silk gives details).

For extra portability, add the twist and do the seaming before hitting the road. Then just work the simple, pleasing stitch in the round until you run out of yarn. Ahhhh.


Please refer to original pattern for complete instructions. Only changes are covered in this adaptation.

Foundation moebius strip: Work as original pattern but Ch 85.
Row 1: Work as original pattern; you will have 83 sc before you reach last ch.
Row 2: Work as original pattern; 169 total sc worked.
Continue as in original pattern.

Blocking: Habu Root Sizing Silk benefits from a good soak to remove its sizing and soften the fiber.



Approx. 32"/81cm around x 10"/25.5cm deep (halfway between original 'small' and 'large' sizes.

2 skeins Habu Root Sizing Silk (88 yds/80m each). [Shown in color 7 Charcoal].

US L (8mm) crochet hook, or size to obtain gauge.
Locking stitch marker.
Blunt darning needle to finish.

Approx. 10–11 sc = 4”/10cm, after wet-blocking.