Maryland ~Statehood Splendor Series from Thread Milk Designs Changes

Stitched on 36 ct. Antique White linen, using GA Freedom, CC Red Ribbon, and the DMC colors listed here.  I made a few minor changes - made the bird stand taller and changed the breast to a med. orange (DMC 721) as our Baltimore Oriole is orange and black.  The rest of the bird is DMC 310 black , except for the beak and the legs which are DMC Gold (680)



I love to add a little dimension to all my pieces when I can and the flowers I changed to DMC 743 Yellow and used a Lazy Daisy stitch for the petals and a Smyrna Cross in DMC 310, black for the center of the flower.  Other than that I followed the chart - although I love Blue so I did change and made MD in Blue, and Free in blue.  But everything is matter of taste and what you like.  Use the colors you like, follow the artists exactly if you like it better, make it your own.    

Smyrna Cross example -stitch over 2 not 4.

Lazy Daisy Stitch

Do the Smryna Cross first and then point A will be coming out of one of the holes used by the legs of the Smryna Cross.  I just used each hole of the Smyrna cross as the start of another petal and did a couple of petals on each corner to fill it out more.  You can determine how many threads you go over to make your petal, I tried to be consistent in going away from the center with each petal about 4 or 5 threads before I couched the loop with the B thread.  To get better instructions google Lazy Daisy Stitch or Smyrna Cross.  I had trouble deciding on the finishing, but had a shadow box in my stitching room which held another completed project but decided to steal it for this one.  I found the state flag and the state seal on the internet and borrowed them for this.  I backed each one with a piece of cardstock to give some strength to it and just attached it to the box.  The Terrapins block we sell in Sea Trader and it happened to be in the storeroom when I went through there and with the player holding the "Go Maryland" Pennant it was perfect.