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Deux Bijoux Bijoux Needlepoint & TraysDeux Bijoux Bijoux Needlepoint & TraysDeux Bijoux Bijoux Needlepoint & Trays
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Deux Bijoux Bijoux Needlepoint & Trays

Deux Bijoux Bijoux produced  an eclectic blend of whimsical and functional pieces that make people smile!  All of their work is created with a great deal of heart and their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks!   Wooden trays are heavy duty and well made and the painting is excellent.  The cneedleppoint camvases they model with the trare match the colors of each tray perfectly,  While they show the trays with canvas, the trays and canvases are sold separately so if you only do counted cross stitch you can also use these trays.  The trays for the Santa Clothes and Spooky canvases measure approx. 22" x 18" not including the handles, Snowman tray measures approx. 12" square not counting the handles and all of the trays come with glass and the mats you see on the models.  They also have ball feet painted to match the tray.

Siren of the Sea Waxer...................................Lady Dot
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Siren of the Sea Waxer...................................Lady Dot

Siren of the Sea is a beautifully made mermaid waxer .  100% beeswax.  A must have for your nautical boxes.

Buzz Waxer............................Lady Dot
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Buzz Waxer............................Lady Dot

Bee Waxer for all those Bee fans.  100% Beeswax
Princessa and the Pea.................Jackie du Plessis of It's Fine-ally FinishedPrincessa and the Pea.................Jackie du Plessis of It's Fine-ally FinishedPrincessa and the Pea.................Jackie du Plessis of It's Fine-ally Finished
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Princessa and the Pea.................Jackie du Plessis of It's Fine-ally Finished

This is a class piece...Jackie will be here September 9-11, 2016,  to teach two classes and Princessa and the Pea will be one of them.  
      When you hear the words “Princess” and “Pea” you immediately think of the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale called “Princess and the Pea”.  This beloved fairy tale evokes thoughts of stacking mattresses a princess and hidden treasures.  I wanted to create a collection of functional and stylish objects that reflect our time.  This project is centered around a Pea Pod theme and explores different mediums such as paper, paint, linen, wool and silks.
The “Princessa and the Pea” is a collection of three stacking paper Mache boxes, painted and waxed in class.  These three boxes each with a theme is stack, one on top of the other, and represent three green peas.  A silk fabric pea pod case snugly holds the three pea boxes together.  Tendrils with button flowers made of paper, wool and ribbons cascade down from the soft, scalloped woolen needle page leaves.  
Each of the pea boxes stores a theme:
The top box: Rock - a tiny Jade bead sits upon stacking pillows next to a tiny tiara.
The middle box: Paper and all treasures made with paper.  
The bottom box: Scissors.  

Note that the buttons are attached in sets of three, representing the three peas with the three pea boxes.
No collection could be complete without a stitched Pea Pod needle case created with a pulled stitch mimicking three tiny peas.  

Your kit will include all the supplies needed to stitch and assemble the Princessa and Pea project alone with detailed pictures and instructions.

Optional items:
Scrimshaw thread winder and ruler available for purchase.
Wooden pea thread holder

Princessa and the Pea Class- $360 with a  deposit of $185. This includes a room for one night at the Lankford Hotel (where the classes are held),  continental breakfast the day of the class along with lunch, plus the kit.

One Moment in Time....Class.....................Jackie du PlessisOne Moment in Time....Class.....................Jackie du Plessis
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One Moment in Time....Class.....................Jackie du Plessis

We welcome Jackie Du Plessis back again in 2016 to teach One Moment in Time- The cost of the class is $340.00  with a deposit of $165.  This price includes one night's stay at the Lankford Hotel (where the classes are held) along with a continental breakfast and lunch the day of the class. This project will celebrate us as needle-art women. The project will be a linen drawstring workbag with four stitched linen pockets. Tiny stitches of silk purple, green and yellow hues will be worked using specialty stitches to form dainty sprigs of flowers that will decorate the four linen pockets. The entire workbag will be stitched and assembled by hand. Accompanying the 3" x 5" workbag will be a dainty needlebook with pockets for special needles, a tool holder and a scissors sheath with minder.

Mexican Purse............Class...............Betsy MorganMexican Purse............Class...............Betsy Morgan
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Mexican Purse............Class...............Betsy Morgan

Mexican Purse- is a Mexican stitcher's purse.  Its full name is "Maria Katarin's Stitching Reticule".  It is named for our adopted daughter, Caitie, who is part Mexican.  The various motifs and techniques used in this purse were inspired by an 1844 sampler from Pachuca, Mexico which is in my collection.

When folded closed, the reticule measures 4 x 8 inches.  It is stitched on light mocha Belfast linen using Gloriana silk flosses and is lined in olive silk Dupioni.  Inside there are 3 small pockets for
holding your small needlework tools including two of the smalls in this design - a scissor fob and a thread winder.  The reticule also includes a 5 inch stitched ruler.

Stitches include: Aztec, eyelet, diagonal pattern darning, pulled four sided, long arm cross, diagonal satin, Mexican klosters, satin, rice, upright cross, cross over one and cross over two.

..This is a pre-stitch class. The cost for this class is $300.00. with a deposit of  $125.00

Pioneer Girl Sampling Book......Class..........Betsy MorganPioneer Girl Sampling Book......Class..........Betsy Morgan
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Pioneer Girl Sampling Book......Class..........Betsy Morgan

June 3-5, 2016-It's always exciting to welcome Betsy Morgan back to teach her wonderful designs.  

Pioneer Girl Sampling Book... This class was inspired by a book called "Pioneer Memorial Museum Samplers" and was written by Loree Romriell.  Betsy has turned her vision of the samplers in the book, into a book.  The outside cover of the book is loosely based on a very simple sampler in the collection which is worked on "training cloth", which was made in an effort to assist young girls in stitching in nice neat rows.  The cloth is made by removing every tenth linen ground thread and weaving a colored thread back in so that it looks like modern day school notebook paper.  Students will do this as part of the project.

Inside the book, instead of pages, there are two boxes which hold smalls - a scissor pouch and fob and two thread winders.  The spine of the book is a pin roll and one of the inside box lids has a wool felt needle page attached to its lining.  The project was stitched on Platinum Belfast linen which I distressed after all of the embroidery was completed, to give it the worn and stained appearance of most of the original samplers.  Students may follow my lead on this or choose to leave theirs in pristine condition.

All of the motifs used were inspired and adapted from the samplers in the museum collection except the bee hive.  I felt that the design needed one since the bees and the hive, symbols of industriousness, are the symbols of the state of Utah. 

 This is a pre-stitch class. The cost for the weekend, which includes lodging for 2 nights, breakfast for 2 days, lunch on Saturday and the class kit is $325.00- Deposit for class is $150.00.

Wooden Tray..............................Retromantic
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Wooden Tray..............................Retromantic

Exquisite construction and local hardwoods make this an amazing gift or an heirloom you gift to yourself.  Inside measures approx.. 4" x 6".  The ends have oval cutouts. 

Evertite Stretcher Bars & "T" ToolEvertite Stretcher Bars & "T" Tool
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Evertite Stretcher Bars & "T" Tool

At last, stretcher bars that you can tighten without removing the tacks! These bars are very smooth and of a durable wood designed to be used multiple times.   They have a center mark on each bar so you can quickly and easily find the center of any ground fabric.   Best of all, they are adjustable 4 ways to compensate for fabric sag both vertically and horizontally.   The adjustment mechanism is fully enclosed within each bar.   Adjustment is made with a tool that is sold separately, so you can easily tighten or loosen your fabric as needed.

Stardust Dragonfly Charm Garden Pins....Just Nan
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Stardust Dragonfly Charm Garden Pins....Just Nan

Nan has a new special edition Charm Garden Pins to enhance your pin cushions and needlebooks.   Stardust Dragonfly is larger than most of Jan's pins so it's a bit more dramatic.  Opalescent, glittered wings, a green painted and pink crystal body, really beautiful.  This would dress up an elegant pin cushion or needlebook, or pin it in your jacket lapel. 
Winter Wonderland Pouch....Impie, Hattie & BeaWinter Wonderland Pouch....Impie, Hattie & BeaWinter Wonderland Pouch....Impie, Hattie & Bea
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Winter Wonderland Pouch....Impie, Hattie & Bea

Another pouch is headed our way...not here yet, but expected at any moment.  It's a needlecase, thread case in a light blue with a snowflake pattern.  The pattern that they have shown on the back of the case is from Little House Needleworks, but you could put a design of your own choosing on it. 
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Perforated Paper

Highest quality perforated paper.  14 holes per inch.  Great for large and small designs, holiday ornaments and decorations, gift tags, wedding and birth announcements, book marks, door knob hangers...dozens of uses.  Shrink wrapped and packed with instructions.  Two 9" x 12" sheets/package. 

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